Course Type Descriptions

Classroom Course = Numbers only

 Classroom Course: Course activity is organized around scheduled class meetings. Classroom courses are measured by the number of hours spent in required class meetings or other traditional activities, such as laboratories, field trips, or internships. Such courses may involve some sort of computer usage—for example, a software simulation or laboratory or design software for art or engineering applications—but the course is still anchored to the regular classroom schedule.

Hybrid Course = H

 Hybrid Course: Online activity is mixed with classroom meetings, replacing up to 75% of in-person instruction.  In addition to classroom meetings, students may be required to participate in online synchronous meetings. Instructors must clearly articulate expectations for all online and in-person class meetings to students within the first five days of class. Additionally, hybrid courses require that students meet in-person for the first day of class and receive instruction during all subsequent in-person meetings. Students may be required to take exams during some scheduled class meetings. However, a course in which students receive all instruction online and come to campus only to take tests does not meet the instructional requirements of a hybrid course.

Online Course = W

Online Course: All course activity is done online; no required in-person sessions or on-campus activities are required within the course. Online courses consist entirely of online elements that facilitate the three critical student interactions: with content, the instructor, and other students. Students taking an online course may be required to take proctored tests at a testing center or through an online proctoring system. Additionally, students may be required to complete a practicum, residency, or internship depending on the requirements of the course/program. Students must be notified at the time of enrollment of any requirements for proctored tests (online or in a testing center).

Course Campus Codes

The first number in any section is the campus offering the course.

2 = Georgetown

4 = Wilmington

5 = Stanton

6 = Dover