Technology Resources for Instructors

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D2L Instructor Training

D2L Instructor Training

This page will show you how to navigate to D2L from the MyDTCC portal and then how to find the D2L Instructor Training course in D2L.

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Brightspace Community

Dig deeper into using D2L with access to discussions, FAQs, video tutorials, tips, best practices, and tons of support. Conveniently categorized by types of users, including students. Click on the link below to learn more

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Minimum Technology Requirements

Reliable, up-to-date technology is an essential component for a successful online learning experience. In order to maintain quick and efficient online operation, Delaware Tech recommends the minimum technological requirements for your device that are provided on this page.

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Innovation Studios @ The George CCIT Lab

Innovation Studios is a quiet, dedicated workspace at the George Campus that faculty can use to create custom digital content, such as video lectures, multimedia presentations, interviews, and podcasts.

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Publisher Content (Pearson, McGraw-Hill)

This page contains tutorials and support for instructors using publisher content, such as Pearson MyLabs and McGraw-Hill Connect Math.

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Exam Proctoring with Zoom

One of the concerns of online testing is academic integrity.  Using Zoom to visually observe students taking the exam can simulate in-person exam proctoring.  Although this may seem like a straight-forward process there are a few items that should be considered:

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Smarthinking gives students anytime, anywhere access to academic help from experts, even when you can’t. We extend your resources with just-in-time online tutoring, helping students arrive prepared, succeed in class, and work towards career goals. Recent studies show that students who use Smarthinking get higher grades and are more likely to complete courses.

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Smart Notebook

As a part of our new licensing agreement with SMART Technologies, students and staff are now entitled to download the most recent version of SMART Notebook on your personal computer at no charge. The page provides you with detailed information to download and install the software.

Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Tools

Delaware Tech currently supports three video conferencing tools for use within our Learning Management System (LMS) and general college use. This page provides a brief description of the capabilities and links to training for each of these three systems.