Instructor Resources for Turnitin

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Turnitin is a plagiarism detection program. It reviews student papers to determine if there are similarities with other works. 

Turnitin detects similarities between student work and: 

 Scholarly publications
Internet archives
Turnitin’s global repository of student papers 

It notifies instructors when there are red flags (white text, non-English characters). 

It is integrated directly into D2L, but needs to be activated at the assignment level. 

CCIT has created resources for instructors to familiarize themselves with Turnitin. For directions on how to use Turnitin, see below:

CCIT Resources for Turnitin

CCIT has also created a template that explains Turnitin to students. It is available for instructors to insert directly into their courses. The Turnitin template is available in the Getting Started template folder in D2L.

Additional Resources

Turnitin provides resources for students and instructors alike:

Turnitin also has a robust online support center to provide assistance to students and instructors. Check it out!