Distance Education Course Approval Proposal, Development & Review Process

All new distance education courses must be approved using the appropriate process. This page details the distance education course approval process and provides all necessary timelines and forms.

Effective May 1, 2020– Instructors who want to design, develop, and deliver an online/hybrid  course must complete IDT G20. Instructors who have prior experience teaching an online or hybrid course may request permission to waive this requirement by completing the IDT G20 Waiver Application.

5 Step Process

Step 1

The Instructional Director or Department Chair completes the form in the Curriculum Management System  

Step 2

The Director of Instructional Design & Technology (CCIT) will review the Distance Education Curriculum submission and will request more information about the course details via email. Once the Director has the necessary course information, they will assign an Instructional Designer to begin the Collaborative Course Review Process. 

Step 3

The Instructional Designer will contact the Chair to begin the Collaborative Course Review Process.


Iyou are starting from scratch, designing a high-quality, student-centered distance education course  typically takes a minimum of two to three months. Once the course is completed, the Instructional  Designer will use the Quality Assurance Rubric (QAR) to conduct the course review. 


If a course is already developed, the Instructional Designer will use the Quality Assurance Rubric  (QAR) to conduct the course review. (Select the link below to download the Quality Assurance Rubric)

Collaborative Course Review Process Diagram

Select the image above to view/download an Adobe Acrobat version

Step 4

Once the course is completed and reviewed, if the course meets the quality assurance standards, the Director of Instructional Design & Technology will move the curriculum request forward via the curriculum management system. If the course does not meet quality assurance standards, the Instructional Designer will continue to work with the course designer to meet the standards. 

Step 5

Chairs can check the status of the request through the curriculum management system. If approved the course can be designated as any distance education format (Hybrid, Online, VideoconferenceHyflex) in Banner for the course schedule. Approval moves the proposal to the next step in the workflow. The course must receive all approvals before it will be submitted to the Registrars for entry into Banner.