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Wednesdays 11:00 – 12:00
September 1 to December 8

Join CCIT for tools and strategies that you can help you grow professionally and that you can use in your classroom. We’ll look at ways to make sure that your course is ready, professional development resources, tools you can use with students, and strategies to connect with students and with colleagues. Join us every other Wednesday this Fall at 11am!

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Google Slides Interactives

12/1/2021Want to get more out of the PowerPoint presentations you add to your D2L courses? What do you wish your students could do with the PowerPoints that your textbook provider gives you?

Give your PowerPoints a boost with some digital storytelling techniques and make them interactive using Google Slides. 

Previous Lunch and Learn Recordings


11/17/2021 – Want to interact with your students through videos? Want your students to create video presentations with shared screens easily in your classroom? Want to increase your student use of assignment feedback? Flipgrid is a great tool for all these applications. Come to Lunch and Learn to explore this free video platform that offers all these educational supports and more. You will be inspired to use Flipgrid in a way that is beneficial for you and for your students. 


11/10/2021 – Thinglink is a free website for creating visual experiences for student-centered learning. This tech tool allows instructors or students to add content inside any image – including photos, video and audio players, web links, polls, text and more – that appear in the image when shared and viewed. Instructors can even embed Thinglinks into D2L course webpages! In this session, we will explore some Thinglinks created by instructors across the college and brainstorm ways to use Thinglinks with students.

Feedback for Course Refinement: Surveys

10/27/2021 – Do you ever wonder, what are my student’s thinking? How do you know the effectiveness of your instructional lessons and activities? Collecting meaningful feedback from your students can help you tune your course for better student understanding and better course management. During this Lunch and Learn session, we will look at methods of using Surveys and other methods for gathering information from your students that will help both you and your students have the best possible learning experience.


10/13/2021 – Padlet is a free online collaboration tool that is fun, colorful, and easy to use. In this session, we will explore some ways to integrate this online bulletin board tool into your course.

Fostering Feedback: Intelligent Agents

09/29/2021 – Fostering Feedback! Want to learn ways to provide regular, meaningful feedback to your students without a lot of work? Intelligent Agents increase responsiveness to students by setting response emails to be sent. You control the agent, and the agent does the work. Congratulate students for an excellent quiz score. Remind students to log in regularly. Let students know if they missed a step in an assignment. Use all the knowledge you have from instructing the course to set message delivery based on certain criteria. Let D2L do some of the communication work and free you to deliver effective content.

Online Learning Consortium Resources

09/15/2021 – At Delaware Technical Community College, we have access to the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) and that means that you can access all the materials at the member level. These resources are provided to help you grow professionally whether you are interested in reading research or participating in a certification program. You can also add to your CV with opportunities to contribute to the blog, volunteer as a journal reviewer, or present at the upcoming conference. Come to this Lunch and Learn to learn about your access as a member to the OLC.

Course Readiness Checklist, Are You Prepared?

09/1/2021 – Is Your Course Ready? Even if your course has begun, do you have all the needed elements? As you gear up to teach this fall, it is important that you feel confident in your course readiness. This Lunch and Learn will review a checklist that guides you through different elements and associated tasks when preparing your course to make sure you are ready for your students! 


05/20/2021 – Surveys are useful informal tools for collecting data from students. The data collected may be in the form of Exit Tickets, Learning Styles Surveys, or Mid-Course Evaluations. In this Lunch and Learn discover how to create surveys and see how data is reported. Additionally, see the student experience with surveys.

Rubrics in D2L

04/13/2021Rubrics are a powerful tool to use for scoring constructed responses. Rubrics help an instructor be consistent when grading an assignment such as a paragraph, an essay, or a lab report. Rubrics, when shared amongst instructors, increase the likelihood that scoring for students in different sections of the same course will be consistent. Rubrics can also be shared with students before they complete a task to serve as a guide to increase the quality of the product. D2L offers a Rubrics tool to facilitate the implementation and sharing of rubrics. In this Lunch and Learn, hear tips from colleagues regarding rubric use and see what the student experiences in D2L. 

Groups in D2L

05/06/2021 – Everyone seems to have a different reaction when they think about working in groups. This Lunch and Learn shows how exciting and useful groups can be. Explore not only great reasons to use groups in your D2L course, but learn about the utility of those groups. For instance, have students self-enroll in a group, that you have set up in which student identify their mastery of the week’s assignment. Provide resources that are directly applicable to the support that the student needs! Watch and learn more about the magic of groups in D2L.

Assignments and Annotations

04/29/2021 – Save yourself from printing student assignments, writing your comments, scanning the documents, and uploading to each student. Instead enjoy the ease of using the annotations tool to provide feedback to students digitally. Bonus Material: Get a peek at how students see their annotated papers.

Feedback in D2L

04/22/2021 – Students need valuable feedback from their instructors to improve their performance. In this Lunch and Learn, explore tools in D2L used to provide feedback that students can use. SPOILER ALERT! Get a sneak peek at how students see the feedback you give them.

Quick Eval

04/15/2021 – Quick Eval is a tool in D2L that allows instructors to provide feedback to students in a timely manner. This tool is a time saver for instructors as it can show all of the assignments, discussions, or quizzes that need a response in one location. This list can also be sorted by several headings, including course or assignment. With Quick Eval, instructors can easily respond to students, and instructors can still use annotations and video responses. When instructors respond to students, they can decide to respond immediately or may choose to publish all feedback at once. After watching this Lunch and Learn, you may be interested in a Quick Eval Widget that lives on your homepage and shows you where you need respond. See the Homepages and Widgets Lunch and Learn on April 1st for support with this option.

Accessibility in D2L and Beyond

04/08/2021 – As an instructor, you want to ensure that students learn the material in your course to further their goals in life. By providing accessible materials, you provide opportunities for students who bring talent and enthusiasm to your courses who might have been hidden behind a veil of inaccessibility. In this session, learn about the Accessibility Checker in D2L making your current documents and PowerPoints accessible, and creating new materials through Microsoft templates that are designed to be accessible.

Homepages and Widgets

04/01/2021 – What is a widget? A widget is a simple software application. There are a few reasons that you would want to use a widget on your homepage. Widgets can simplify communication with your students. Widgets appear on your homepage and provide ready access to announcements, instructor information, Zoom links, and calendars. In this informative Lunch and Learn, find out how to format your homepage in D2L and add widgets to support your students.

Finding Resources

03/25/2021 – Have you ever had a problem with your password? Have you ever had an issue with D2L? This Lunch and Learn provides you with options for finding solutions to these and other concerns. An added benefit is that you can also find out about resources to provide to address student questions.

Engaging Your Students Using Intelligent Agents


 What are these alien concepts? Intelligent Agents increase responsiveness to students by setting response emails to be sent. You control the agent, and the agent does the work. Congratulate students for an excellent quiz score. Remind students to log in regularly. Let students know if they missed a step in an assignment. Use all the knowledge you have from instructing the course to set message delivery based on certain criteria. Let D2L do some of the communication work and free you to deliver effective content.

Awards and Badges

03/11/2021 – Badges and Awards are an effective means of motivating students and validating their accomplishments. In this Lunch and Learn, discover reasons to use badges and awards, how to create these tools, and how students can use these to their benefit in professional contexts.

HTML Templates for the Win!

03/04/2021 – Do you want to create attractive pages in D2L that are also accessible to all learners? HTML Templates will make it easy! Do you want to highlight information in large bulleted or numbered lists? Are you trying to use columns? Would your students benefit from a timeline? We have a template for that! Maybe you want to use interactive text that appears when students click on a tab or an accordion that unfolds with information. All of these are available as a template that will help you focus on content of your course, while you easily provide an accessible, engaging course.