Submitting Handwritten Work

When submitting handwritten work in D2L

female hand holding phone

Your instructor asks you to submit your handwritten document to receive credit for an assignment. If you are wondering how to do that, here are a few suggestions:


Scan the pages: If you have a scanner, you can save a PDF of your work to submit. Every scanner is different and has different steps to create your document. You may need to look at your scanner’s manual for specific instructions.

smart phone icon

Use your phone: Each phone handles photos differently, but there are some tips on how to get a good photo for your submission.

Taking a proper photo on your phone:

You don’t have to be a master photographer to use your smartphone or tablet to take a good picture of your work. There are many free scanners for smartphones (a few good ones are Cam Scanner and Office Lens available for iOS and Android), the Notes app on an iPhone or iPad has scanning capabilities, or you can use your device’s built in camera. Phone scanners can be helpful as they offer grids to make sure your document is straight, and some have enhancements for poor lighting, etc.

A good, clear photo of your assignment is important to be sure you receive credit.

Here are some tips for taking a good photo using your phone’s camera:

01 – Take a photo with good lighting

Poor Lighting

poor lighting photo

Good Lighting

Good lighting example

02 – Hold the camera parallel to (directly above) your paper. Do not tilt the camera.
Notice the notebook in the viewfinder of these phones. Your paper should appear flat.

Angled, Missing Problems

angled and missing problem for homework

Straight On, Whole Page

Straight on scan showing whole page

03 – Your mobile phone may rotate the photo the wrong way. Before sending the photo, you may need to use your camera’s editing tool to turn the photo (on the iPhone press Edit), or if you are adding the picture to a Word document, you can rotate the picture there. Make sure you have the entire image in your viewfinder

Wrong Way, Cut Off

Image scanned in wrong direction and cropped off

Rotated, Full Problem

rotated and full problem

Need help submitting your scans or photos? Check out this video on submitting assignments within D2L: