CCIT Summer 2021 Newsletter
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Displaying Your D2L Awards on LinkedIn

Do you offer awards in your courses? Badges and Certificates can mark milestones or achievements in your courses and inspire students to succeed! Below is information on taking awards from a course and sharing them to your LinkedIn profile. View the video or follow the step-by-step directions: 

Put it into practice

Rethinking Technology Accessibility
in Higher Ed

To address digital equity, higher education should approach technology accessibility issues from a systemic framework. To ensure everyone in higher ed has access to our courses, we should start from the beginning. “Rather than creating content for an assumed student population without barriers, before retrofitting that content for other groups with barriers, faculty and staff should instead focus on creating content that’s accessible for every student population from the start.” 

This article shares practical and meaningful ways to ensure our courses are accessible, and offers resources including information on Universal Design for Learning and support tools such as Ally.   

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Training Spotlight

It’s Summertime!

But CCIT is still here to help!
If you need assistance with D2L:

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Exciting News

Resources to Create Your Own
Virtual Escape Room!

Want to create your own Virtual Escape Room and do not know where to start? Use the following Virtual Escape Room Toolkit to design and develop your own escape room challenge for your courses. The toolkit will walk you through the process of determining your objectives, picking resources, and planning out the specifics of each room. The resources page is extremely beneficial in creating a wide variety of engaging interactive activities for your courses. We cannot wait to see what you create! 

Success Stories
Louise Fiori

“Revising the dental assisting program’s courses has allowed it to be more manageable for the students and allows them easier access to their materials by focusing them on content that is needed for a given week. The module objectives/overview are especially important, as it focuses the students’ learning for that week by showing students what they will learn and the activities they will complete in order to learn that material.”  

Louise Fiori, Dental Assistant Program 

Workforce Development and Community Education Staff have been working in collaboration with CCIT to develop distance education master courses for Collegewide use. Louise Fiori, Rockstar and Program Lead for the Dental Assistant Program, recently completed her program’s redesign which focused on student success by providing: consistent layouts, accessible content, clear objectives, and variety of learning materials.