CCIT Newsletter - November 2022
5 Minute Sound Byte

A Quick tool to Help with Captions

We all know that captions are essential for making our videos accessible for all users, but even the auto-captions can be confusing to edit. Check out this month’s 5-minute Sound Byte for a quick tool to help you edit those captions faster!  

Put it into practice

From Instructional Design to
Learning Experience Design:
Understanding the Whole Student

Student learning in multiple different methods
These days, we hear a lot about the “new normal” in higher education. Remote and hybrid learning is here to stay, offering students more flexibility in their learning journeys. But what if the new normal is not enough? It’s time to go beyond the new normal and consider the “new possible.”
Listen in to this Podcast as Rhea Kelly chats with Mark Milliron,senior vice president of Western Governors University about their vision for reimagining education and why learning experience design is essential to student success. Some highlights include:  

A focus on the experience over the instruction
Using VR to emulate real life situations
Including empathy in course design
Exciting News

Dropdown Chips for Google Docs 

Did you know you can track projects or collect information in Google Docs? Using dropdown chips, you can quickly view and track progress on a solo or a collaborative document. Start with @dropdown and options will appear for you to create your own or use a premade progress bar.  

Some ways to use this in your classes:  

Have students create a project tracking document to share progress on a group project.
Have students make a copy and submit an “About Me” document to help you learn more about them.  
Create a check-in to collect data on how students are feeling in the course at the beginning or middle of a semester. 

The options for this tool are endless! Learn more and find some more tricks using “smart chips” with the link below.

Example of a Dropdown Chip in Google Docs

Training Spotlight

Join CCIT for this Month’s Trainings

Zoom Link for all sessions:

Virtual Reality in Education

Teacher and Student using virtual reality to teach and learnDid you see the Virtual Reality commercial in the October CCIT Newsletter? Or maybe you attended the PD Day Presentation on Virtual Reality in Education and now you want to try it out to see what all the buzz is about?!?! CCIT is hosting VR events on each campus on Fridays during the months of November and December from 11:00AM – 1:00PM. Use the VR Sign Up Genius  to register for a time slot to try it out or just stop by to watch.

Nov 4th – Dover (ETB 722) Nov 11th – Wilmington (E403)
Nov 18th – Owens (JTC 101) Dec 2nd – Stanton (D 207)
Coffee Talk logo banner

Fridays at 9 am: Jason and Carrie are on the case! Join us this fall as we create components for a Virtual Escape Room during each Coffee Talk. We’ll build the pieces that can be used alone and then combine them at the end of the semester to create one cohesive escape room. 

Escape Room - outside a Haunted House at night November 11th: Quick and Easy Escape Rooms – join Jason and a Guest for this fun Coffee Talk with examples of great escape rooms that you can quickly build! 
Virtual Escape Room Interactive Toolkit image December 2nd: Putting it all together to create a Virtual Escape Room with Google Sites, join us for the culmination of our fall Escape Room build! 

        Visit all the details on the Coffee Talk Webpage

lunch-n-learn logo title

Wednesdays at 11 am: Lunch and Learn this semester will be based upon an article from Educause: 4 Misconceptions of Online Learning. Join Laura and Karianne to discuss ways that faculty can debunk these misconceptions with technology tools easily available online and through D2L.  

multicolored group iconNovember 2nd: Misconceptions of Online Learning: There Are no A-Ha Moments in Online Courses  

November 16th: MMisconceptions of Online Learning: Discussion Boards are Boring


Visit all the details on the Lunch & Learn Webpage

Do you ever go to a Coffee Talk or Lunch and Learn session and want to implement the strategies, but you just don’t know where to start? If so, we are here for you! We’ve created a Teaching with Technology makerspace to help you put your ideas into action! Hilary and April will work with you and your friends to create a mini project that you can use with your students. 

To get started fill out our appointment form, let us know what you want to make, where and when you want to meet, and who you’ll be bringing with you! 

Learn more by visiting our Make It, Take It web page or watch the video.

What did I miss?

Did you miss any of our CCIT trainings from last month? Check out our past episodes and resources here on these relevant topics:  

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