Student Course Evaluations

Course evaluations provide students with an anonymous opportunity to reflect on the quality of content and instruction received in their courses. Evaluations are accessed by students and instructors through the learning management system.

Course Evaluation Periods

Course Evaluations:

All course evaluations are made available to students 1 week prior to the last day of the class and close 1 week after the last day of the class.

Course Reporting

Course evaluations should be made available to instructors, department chairs and Deans of Instruction within 1-2 hours of the close of the course evaluation period. Timely access to course evaluations provides instructors with important information to empower instructors to make improvements in their teaching and the course prior to the session or offering.

Tips to Improve Survey Completion Rates

It is very important for high percentages of students to complete evaluations of their courses.  Course evaluations provide valuable understanding of student perceptions and needs. Research shows that the most effective way to ensure that your students complete their end of session course evaluations is to simply remind them, and remind them often.

Therefore, instructors are encouraged to use creative methods within the policies of their department to achieve maximum completion rates of course evaluations. Listed here are tried-and-true ways to increase response rates to your course surveys. If you have other ideas or suggestions that have worked for you, please let CCIT know.

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  1. Use the learning management system regularly throughout the semester.  If students are already familiar with using the LMS for your course, they will more readily complete a survey offered through the LMS.
  2. Let students know as soon as the surveys are available, and set aside a minute at the beginning of every class to remind them.
  3. Inform students that their responses are anonymous and that you will not even be able to see them until after final grades are submitted – and even then, they remain anonymous.
  4. Communicate to your students not only that the College values their feedback, but more importantly, that you do, because honest feedback helps you create a better experience for future students.
  5. If you are in a computer lab and have class time to spare, let students complete the survey in class.
  6. If you are not in a computer lab, see if any are available for use.