Communicating in D2L

In this part of the training, you’ll learn about Announcements, which are posted by instructors and administrators to provide updates. You will also learn how to find and contact other learners in a course.

To Do: (Estimated time to complete 10 minutes)

  1. Explore the D2L web page “View Course Announcements”
  2. Review the instructions for sending an email to others in a course.

Announcements In D2L

Lady with MegaphoneUse the Announcements tool to read instructor messages, course information, and other Announcement updates. Announcements can be accessed from the Tools area of the NavBar or from the course homepage (click the title of the course in the minibar).

You can learn more about D2L Announcements by selecting¬†the “D2L Announcements Page” link below.¬† The page will open in a new window. On the right side of the page, you will see a box with several topics under “View course announcements.” Use the arrows to move between topics.

Find and Contact Other Learners in a Course

Use the Classlist to view who is enrolled in your course, send email messages or instant messages, view shared locker files, and read their blogs if they have one.

  1. On the navbar, click Tools, then Classlist.
  2. On the All tab, select the check boxes beside the users you want to contact.
  3. Click Page or Email.
  4. Enter your message. To add an attachment to your email, click Browse.
  5. Click Send.